League of Legends Mod Skin 2021

League of Legends Mod Skin 2021


Download League of Legends Mod Skin 2021 for free on NewGamesMods.com

With this mode, you will be able to benefit from all the variants of the champions in the game at the moment and to test all the skins for free. Due to the fact that skins cost quite a lot RP which means we should invest a large enough amount to own all the skins, but now with this mode, we can play with any champion we want because we all have the opportunity to test paid skins.

By accessing the Download Link button below you can download the software to make it possible to use skins for the champions of the game.

Download Link (ShareMods.com)

How do you use the skin mode?

1) Download the software above.
2) Extract the file and select LoL 11.1.2 exe file. Right-click and choose “Run as Administrator.”
3) After opening the software, open League of Legends.
4) After selecting the champion, choose the skin you want to play within the match.
5) Then, tick on the “Auto Mod Skin” and click “Activate Skin” button.


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