Factories standard v2

factories standard v2

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Version 2

All factories have been inspected and processed.
Fill levels have been processed. Store images have been renewed. A new factory comes into the pack, namely the feed factory.

The set consists of:
– manure tower (straw chaff grass = manure);
– compound feed factory (grass straw and silage = compound feed);
– grass dryer (grass = hay);
– seed lime fertilizer house and crop protection (grain fertilizer = seed) (manure = Fertilizer) (fertilizer water = liquid fertilizer) (water = lime) (water lime = crop protection) everything has its own production;
– fermenter (grass chopped hay = silage);
– Pigforage (pear crops (corn rape sunflower soybean) strawberries (sugar beet potatoes sugar cane) cereals (wheat barley rye spelled millet oats) = Pig feed;
– bale shredder (bales = loose goods) -> Rafferenie (sunflower rapeseed = diesel manure);
– sewage treatment plant.

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How to Install Factories standard mod in Your Computer:

1) Download the module from the link below in this post.
2) Extract the module from the .zip or .rar archive.
3) Copy the extracted file or files from the archive to the My Documents / Game Name / Mode folder.
4) Refresh the computer to update the changes by pressing the F5 key on the desktop.

NOTE: To download the file directly in its original format, you do not need to unzip it if it is not a .rar or .zip format.

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