Renault Premium edit by Alex v1.1 1.37

Renault Premium Mod


Renault Premium Mod

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Thanks to this mode we can enjoy excellent graphics and a dream truck that any Euro Truck Simulator 2 player would like. In the images in this post, you can see what this premium truck looks like with this mode.

Version 1.1 (1.37) :

This update is focused on reworking the entire truck model.

– Support for Signs on your truck mod by @tobrago;
– Added windows and wipers animations for lower cabins (Many thanks to @xXCARL1992Xx), 4 new cabins (lower and day cab variants + interiors), corner deflectors as accessories (paint + plastic variant), more engines (DXi410, DXi440, DXi450) + badges(by @Sogard3), new variants of roof deflectors, windshield frame paint variant, painted fuel tanks to all chassis and fenders (cabin, chassis and rear wheels), plastic and paint+plastic front bumpers combinations;
– The added frame around the side windows as an accessory (different paint+plastic variants);
– Fixed trailer cables position and rotation;
– Added: plastic main mirrors, many stock paint jobs, beacons on cabins (can be used only without roof deflectors), Racing Edition steering wheel.

Download Link (

How to Install Renault Premium mod in Your Computer:

1) Download the module from the link below in this post.
2) Extract the module from the .zip or .rar archive.
3) Copy the extracted file or files from the archive to the My Documents / Game Name / Mode folder.
4) Refresh the computer to update the changes by pressing the F5 key on the desktop.

NOTE: To download the file directly in its original format, you do not need to unzip it if it is not a .rar or .zip format.

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