Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great 1.37.x

Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great

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Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great is a special mode for the Mitsubishi truck, this game mode comes with a new sound and new windows that can have an animation only from inside the truck. The speedometer is much more realistic and this can change from the settings.

Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great

In the pictures, we can see the appearance of the truck in this way. It can be seen that it comes with a unique look and you can even see a much better material on the truck from windows to tires.

Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great

– The speedometer is different from actual speed. (Realistic setting).
– Left-hand traffic Interior only.
– Japanese Domestic Market Edition.
– Sold at Mod Dealer (FUSO).
– Open window animation is Internal only.
– 1.37 compatible.
– Sound converted for FMOD (some were removed).
– PMD/PMG update.
– Material adjustment.
– The window glass model fixed.

Download Link (

How to Install Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great mod in Your Computer:

1) Download the module from the link below in this post.
2) Extract the module from the .zip or .rar archive.
3) Copy the extracted file or files from the archive to the My Documents / Game Name / Mode folder.
4) Refresh the computer to update the changes by pressing the F5 key on the desktop.

NOTE: To download the file directly in its original format, you do not need to unzip it if it is not a .rar or .zip format.

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