Ford Cargo 1838-3238C-3238S + Interior v1.0 1.37

Download Ford Cargo 1838-3238C-3238S with Interior Mod for free on

At the moment this game mode is very suitable for all players from Euro Truck Simulator 2 for unique performance and appearance. It has a very good quality of exterior and interior details.

Ford Cargo 1838-3238C-3238S, quality Colombian truck mod with custom tuning and accessories added for Euro Truck Simulator 2 players. It has 3 versions of the chassis with its loads.

Features mod truck Ford Cargo 1838-3238C-3238S:
– independent truck model;
– high-quality 3D model, detailed exterior and interior, rims and 3D tires, mirror reflection;
– correct exhaust smoke position;
– correct plate license position;
– the model has own wheels, sound, interior;
– animated suspension;
– passenger seat;
– present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer;
– the character is correctly sitting in the driver’s seat cabin;
– the choice of wheels configuration, color body, transmission, gearbox, power engine, chassis(3 types of chassis);
– correct position of the Ford logo;
– working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals;
– the correct position of the player;
– interior accessories configuration;
– There are external tuning;
– supports all major functions of the game;
– buy from access mod dealer;

It has been tested on version 1.37.

Download Link (

How to Install Ford Cargo 1838-3238C-3238S with Interior mod in Your Computer:

1) Download the module from the link below in this post.
2) Extract the module from the .zip or .rar archive.
3) Copy the extracted file or files from the archive to the My Documents / Game Name / Mode folder.
4) Refresh the computer to update the changes by pressing the F5 key on the desktop.

NOTE: If the file is downloaded directly in the original format, then it is no longer necessary to unzip the file but copy it directly in the specified format or directory.

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