Great America Map v1.0 (1.36.x)

Great America Map v1.0

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This game mode comes with the map of America and new challenges. We can see many more details about much more realistic curves, much more real slopes, a new vision, new traffic signs, new nature landscapes such as forests, mountains, sand, clouds.
If we drive at night, we can see a much better quality of headlights that allows us to drive much easier and less tiring than older versions of the game American Truck Simulator. We will be able to observe much better and less dangerous roads for driving the truck both during the day and at night.

From what you can see in the first picture we can find in this game mode a very fascinating landscape. Besides this landscape, we can find very rich vegetation just like in real life. This helps us to be very inventive and to relax.

In the second picture we can see the driving at night with the truck and the lights of the truck we can drive, but also new traffic signs compared to the previous version, but also a combined nature between forest, mountain, and sand.

Great America Map v1.0

In the third picture, we can see what driving is like during the day. From what can be seen in this new map of America for American Truck Simulator, we can find new routes with tunnels through the mountains but also through the forest that offers us very rich vegetation that helps us visually to become more productive and calmer in life on which we have.


Great America Map v1.0

With this map mode we find an improvement of the graphics but also of the trucks and their trailers.


– Spokane (washington) – Sandpoint(idaho) road connection added(us 2 north way);
– Sandpoint added;
– Home depot company added to Sandpoint.

Tested on game version 1.36.x.

Download Link (

How to Install Great America Map mod in Your Computer:

1) Download the module from the link below in this post.
2) Extract the module from the .zip or .rar archive.
3) Copy the extracted file or files from the archive to the My Documents / Game Name / Mode folder.
4) Refresh the computer to update the changes by pressing the F5 key on the desktop.

NOTE: If the file is downloaded directly in the original format, then it is no longer necessary to unzip the file but copy it directly in the specified format or directory.

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